[Dwarf-Discuss] RFC: DWARF Extensions for Separate Debug Info Files ("Fission")

Cary Coutant ccoutant@google.com
Fri Sep 23 17:50:05 GMT 2011

>> * .debug_pubtypes - Public types for use in building the
>> ? .gdb_index section at link time. This section will have an
>> ? extended format to allow it to represent both types in the
>> ? .debug_dwo_info section and type units in .debug_types.
> ? ?^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> ? ?= .dwo_info , maybe both .debug_info and .dwo_info
>> * .dwo_abbrev - Defines the abbreviation codes used by the
>> ? .debug_dwo_info section.
> ? ?^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> ? ?= .dwo_info

Thanks, I've fixed the wiki page.

> I find this .dwo_* setup is great for rapid development rebuilds but it should
> remain optional as the currently used DWARF final separate .debug info file is
> smaller than all the .dwo files together. ?In the case of the final linked
> .debug builds (rpm/deb/...) one does not consider the build speed as important.
> It probably does not make sense to merge + convert .dwo files back to a single
> .debug file for the rpm/deb/... build performance reasons.

Yes, we'll definitely make this a compile-time option.

While I haven't finished designing the package format for collecting
all the .dwo files, I do plan on having the packaging tool do at least
duplicate type elimination to reduce the size of the package file.


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