[Dwarf-Discuss] DWARF has initial condition values? if not where then?

Long, Dan T dan.t.long@lmco.com
Thu Dec 6 21:02:24 GMT 2012

Are the variables? initial condition values stored in the DWARF files?

For example (Ada language with gnat compiler):

type  A_type is
   B : Integer := 10;
   C : Float   := 2.5;
   D : Boolean := true;
  End record;

EE : Integer := 100;
FF : Float   := 77.007;

Where are the initial condition values: 10, 2.5, true, and 100 stored in DWARF files?  Or where in the compiled code are they?   I used  readelf ?w filename.o  >  filename.dwarf   then

I looked at its DWARF file and I can see the definition of structure A along with B, C, D type definitions and EE type too but I cannot find 10, 2.5, true nor 100 values anywhere.

I needs to extract the variable names, types and initial values for input into a mySQL database.

Thanks, Dan

PS:  Part of the dwarf output:
	Raw dump of debug contents of section  .debug_line:
	Offset:			0x0
	Length:			341
	DWARF Version:	      2
	Prologue Length:		304


> What language is this?  ISO C/C++ does not have "Integer" or "Float" as keywords, nor does it permit assignments within a structure declaration.

I am sorry it was a bad attempt at pseudo Ada...

> You might sign up for the DWARF Discussion mailing list and post questions there:  http://lists.dwarfstd.org/listinfo.cgi/dwarf-discuss-dwarfstd.org


> Include the actual source which you have a problem with and the output from readelf or dwarfdump showing the DWARF data.

Unfortunately, I can not do this since the system I am working on is isolated from the internet  so I have to retype all the "data."

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