[Dwarf-Discuss] constants updates, minor DWARF standard upgrade?

Cary Coutant ccoutant@gmail.com
Fri Jul 20 20:24:13 GMT 2012

>> For things like new tags, attributes, language codes, etc., we have
>> occasionally given out assurances that the assigned numbers were safe
>> to use once discussion was complete and the issue was accepted. In
>> most cases, it's then OK to use these without bumping the DWARF
>> version number, since clients are supposed to be able to tolerate
>> unknown values (although binutils is a notable exception). For
>> DW_LANG_Go, we did in fact issue such an assurance.
> The DWARF Committee does give any assurances that any proposal will be
> accepted, or that any proposal will be accepted without modification.
> As Ron pointed out, only a released DWARF specification can be
> considered authoritative.  No assurance was given with regard to any
> proposal for adoption in DWARF Version 5, nor has any ever been given
> prior to previous versions of the DWARF standard being released.

I didn't say that we gave assurances in advance that proposals would
be accepted, or accepted without modification. I said that on occasion
-- once we had discussed, accepted, and closed the issue -- we had
given an assurance that the assigned numbers were firm. DW_LANG_Go, as
I recall, was one of these cases.


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