[Dwarf-Discuss] Default Location List Entry Issue 130121.1

Mark Wielaard mjw@redhat.com
Sun Mar 30 21:39:51 GMT 2014


I was reading the DWARF5 proposal Issue 130121.1 Default Location List
Entry http://dwarfstd.org/ShowIssue.php?issue=130121.1 and was wondering
how to interpret the phrase "(provided that address is within the
containing module)" from the introduction.

In the actual text of the proposal there is no limit imposed on the
default location list entry. It is just described as an unlimted number
of address ranges, none of which overlap any of the addresss ranges
defined earlier in the same location list.

So I was wondering whether any limitation is implied or not. For example
a Data Object DIE that has a DW_AT_location loclistptr that includes a
default entry. Would the default entry address ranges of the default
location list entry be constrained by the owning DIE of the Data Object
(given by the DW_AT_low_pc and DW_AT_high_pc pair or DW_AT_ranges
attribute in that owning DIE)? Or does the presence of the default entry
imply that the location of the Data Object keeps valid even outside the
owning DIE range (for example because it is a static C variable inside a



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