[Dwarf-Discuss] split-dwarf, DWARF5 ELF object files requested

David Anderson davea42@linuxmail.org
Sun Apr 2 16:39:55 GMT 2017

If you have DWARF5 ELF object files that you can provide to help
test libdwarf such object files would be much appreciated.
For example, you might be working on updating a compiler
to emit DWARF5 so you have such objects you generate
for testing.

I don't need or want the source code to the test objects.

Even if the ELF DWARF5 object files are somehow
imperfect they can still be helpful for my testing
of libdwarf.

The libdwarf/dwarfdump source on SourceForge.org now supports
DWARF5 split-dwarf.

If you want to contribute please email a note to libdwarf-list
at  linuxmail dot org.

Thanks in advance for any test objects.
David Anderson

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