[Dwarf-Discuss] Asm syntax for DWARF 5 line table info

paul.robinson@sony.com paul.robinson
Mon Jun 18 17:05:30 GMT 2018

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> Hi Paul,
> >>> I propose to add a new optional clause to the .file directive, like
> so:
> >>>
> >>>     .file filenumber [ "directory" ] "path" [ md5 checksum ]
> This suggestion is fine with me.  (And the file 0 enhancement).


> Are you offering to provide an implementation ?

I implemented it in LLVM.  I am not offering to implement it in GNU binutils
as I can't say I know my way around there, or know the current state of
gcc/binutils support for DWARF v5 in general.

> It would help if you could file an enhancement request in the FSF binutils
> bugzilla system, so that we can track any further correspondence on this
> issue.

Sure.  Is that sourceware.org/bugzilla?  It doesn't seem to like the
account I created for gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla a few years ago, but maybe they 
are separate?  Private reply is fine.

> Cheers
>   Nick

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