[Dwarf-Discuss] armcc DWARF

David Anderson davea42@linuxmail.org
Tue May 22 21:33:19 GMT 2018

I have been given a tiny object file? created by armcc
using DWARF and things make no sense to me so far.

dwarfdump (and libdwarf) use the SHT_GROUP section data to associate
sections to their group.? This is a .o, not a fully linked executable or

(libdwarf assigns group numbers itself. group 1 is? non-dwo .debug sections)
(any .dwo sections present would be shown as group 2
if not listed in a section-group header, but no such are present here)

Here is dwarfdump/libdwarf/s reading of the sections and section-group


There are two .debug_info not in any group (called group 1 by libdwarf).
There is only one .debug_abbrev and it is in group six.

How is one to make sense of this?? Which .debug_line (sec 7 or 8)would
be referred to from section 6 debug_line? How would one know?

Why is .debug_abbrev in a group by itself?

I would appreciate any information on how the sections tie together...
how is a reader supposed to know what goes with what?

Thanks for any hints.
David Anderson

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