[Dwarf-Discuss] line table dir/file

David Anderson davea42@linuxmail.org
Fri Feb 21 22:40:19 GMT 2020

I've attached a pdf that
shows some cases of current usage of the line
table directory and file arrays and of indexes.

clang seems (with my limited access to other compilers)
the outlier in treating a index of 0 (from file [N] to
the directory)? as
a 0 origin references.
Only 0-origin for DWARF5.

So reserving 0 as an index to the directories table
to mean 'no directory available'? would
seem to be the right course.

The standard (or an errata, if we do such a thing)
needs works to establish 1-origin for these indexes into
the directory table and clarifies the 1-origin
indexes by referencing such in more places
in the document.

A tar.gz of the test setup is available by email
if anyone cares.? It is about 1 MiB in size (most
of the size is in two ancient IRIX Elf files)..

David Anderson

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