[Dwarf-Discuss] variable locations - safe use as lvalues

David Anderson davea42@linuxmail.org
Tue Jan 21 22:53:02 GMT 2020

> On 1/21/20 11:18 AM, Greg Clayton via Dwarf-Discuss wrote:
>>>> [...]
>>>> Presumably, a debugger could check that location lists do not
>>>> overlap.
>>> This could nevertheless be a valid heuristic to detect the case.
>> the "llvm-dwarfdump" binary in llvm.org <http://llvm.org>?has a
>> "--verify" option that looks for issues in DWARF and reports errors.
>> Not sure if there are any other tools out there that do this, but this
>> would be a great check to add to any DWARF verifier.

While dwarfdump has 'check the DWARF' options available the
location list overlap test is not done at all. The -kl option suggests
it does loclist checking, but
its checking is rather superficial.

  Interesting thing to check, I'll see if I can
  do something.

  David Anderson

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