[Dwarf-Discuss] variable locations - safe use as lvalues

Bishop, John E john.e.bishop@intel.com
Fri Jan 24 15:27:24 GMT 2020

With split lifetimes, the debugger can ask the user which of the lifetimes the user wants to set. 

    debugger-prompt> set A = 3
    Variable 'A' has more than one location.  Choose which to set:
    1.	The location used in lines 112 and 120
    2.	The location used in line 111
    3.	All locations
    4.	None (no change)

A less sophisticated debugger might just do this:

   debugger-prompt> set A = 3
    Variable 'A' has no unique location to set.

...based on looking at the 'assign' location list.

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