[Dwarf-Discuss] DWARF v5 and "file 0"

paul.robinson@sony.com paul.robinson
Fri Jul 9 13:50:36 GMT 2021

> it sounds like the general consensus is that:
> * In DWARF 5, file name entries are zero-indexed.
> * DW_AT_decl_file of 0 means the first file name entry (index 0, which
>   happens to be the same as DW_AT_name of the unit). It does NOT mean an
>   unspecified file; that was an oversight in the specification.
> Is that correct?

I believe we are coming to that conclusion.  It's certainly how Clang
is implementing this feature.  The DWARF committee hasn't made any
decision about it yet, but it's probably safe to go that direction.

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