[Dwarf-Discuss] Do any of the Intel compilers still generate DW_OP_INTEL_bit_piece=0xe8?

John DelSignore JDelSignore@perforce.com
Thu May 6 15:39:18 GMT 2021


I'm hoping someone from Intel sees this message and can definitively answer the following question: Do any of the Intel compilers still generate DW_OP_INTEL_bit_piece=0xe8? If not, do you know the last version of the compiler that did?

Back in 2007, I added support for the Intel Bi-Endian compiler to TotalView. The Intel 9.0.022 compiler generated DW_OP_INTEL_bit_piece when compiling in bi-endian mode. In 2009, John Bishop posted the following message: <http://lists.dwarfstd.org/pipermail/dwarf-discuss-dwarfstd.org/2009-April/002077.html>. So, it appears as if the answer is "no", and it should be safe to assume that DW_OP_INTEL_bit_piece is no longer generated by any Intel compiler.

The reason I ask is that the "AMD GPU DWARF extensions for heterogeneous debugging" defines DW_OP_LLVM_aspace_bregx=0xe8, which conflicts with DW_OP_INTEL_bit_piece.

So, is it safe to remove DW_OP_INTEL_bit_piece and assume that all recent (within the last 10 years) Intel compilers now use DW_OP_bit_piece? Or do I need to interpret opcode 0xe8 as DW_OP_INTEL_bit_piece when the compilation unit's producer smells like an old-ish Intel compiler?

Thanks, John D.

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