[Dwarf-Discuss] PSA: New LLVM vendor tag DW_TAG_LLVM_annotation

paul.robinson@sony.com paul.robinson
Thu Sep 2 13:16:23 GMT 2021

In the interest of alerting others who maintain lists of 
vendor-defined tags, attributes, etc.:

LLVM recently added DW_TAG_LLVM_annotation (0x6000).
This is a generic way to add an arbitrary name/value pair to
any existing DIE; its use within LLVM is to propagate certain
source attributes into the DWARF.  There's a fairly specific
use-case in one environment, but as the tag itself has no
particular semantics, it might be useful more widely.

If anyone is already using 0x6000 as a vendor tag, it will be
easy for us to change this to another value, if we learn about
it fairly soon.


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