[Dwarf-Discuss] DWARF bitness in loclists, etc

David Anderson davea42@linuxmail.org
Sun Jun 26 15:38:50 GMT 2022

On 6/26/22 05:52, Vsevolod Alekseyev via Dwarf-Discuss wrote:
> Greetings,
> I?m involved with a Python DWARF parser, Pyelftools (
> https://github.com/eliben/pyelftools/
> <https://github.com/eliben/pyelftools/> ). I have a question about
> DWARF5 and the newly indexed loclists/rnglists sections, please.
> In those sections, each CU gets a block. The block starts with a header,
> which starts with a 4/12 byte unit_length field, which also serves as a
> bitness indicator (32/64) ? right? So the size of the offset values in
> the offset table below the header is driven by the structure of
> unit_length. The DWARF5 standard, section 7.29 talks about ?32-bit
> DWARF? and ?64-bit DWARF? without making clear which of the bitness
> indicators should be used ? the one from the original DIE?s CU, or the
> one from the CU header loclists where the DIE points. I was presuming
> all along that it?s latter; can someone please confirm? Thank you.

The 32/64 indicator is what the standard calls  lengths and offset
sizes.  DWARF5 Section 7.4.

The intent was always that all content related to a single CU (whether
in one section or more than one, as in your question) have the SAME
offset size.    Meaning either place one looks at the 32/64 offset size
related to a CU it must match the CU header offset size.

Unfortunately DWARF3-DWARF5 do not clearly say this.
I'm likely not saying it clearly...sigh.
(DWARF2 did not allow for a 64bit offset/length size).

If the offset sizes related to a single CU in sections
like loclists/rngslists do not match the CU offset size the DWARF is

An elf file could have  one CU with 32 and another CU with 64 bit offset
size mixed into a single object file.  Each with its associated
loclists/rnglists (etc) with the offset size of its CU.
This possibility too was always intended (starting with DWARF3).

Corrections/clarifications are welcome.

Hope this makes sense.
David Anderson

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