[Dwarf-discuss] Regarding form x not understand by DWARF 2 code

David Anderson davea42@gmail.com
Sun Apr 23 15:18:02 GMT 2023

On 4/23/23 07:22, Jnanendra Dewan (C) via Dwarf-discuss wrote:
> Hi Team,
> While running Dwarf 2 code we are getting error “This form X not 
> understoodfurther procesing not possible.”
> So we have seen that here form is unknown. We have handled it inside the 
> code. But we are getting multiple form numbers as not not understood.
> Kindly let us know what are the forms we can get as unknown and how to 
> handle it in DWRF 2 ?

In DWARF2-DWARF5 if the code reading an object finds a FORM that is 
unknown it's impossible for the reader to ignore this.
The object file DWARF really does become unreadable.

You don't make clear what tool you are using to read DWARF.

Nor what tool created the DWARF information.

Nor does your quoted text above seem to be a copy-paste
of the actual error text.

If you could supply a little more information perhaps
someone could help.

Tools that can help diagnose this are:

readelf  (GNU binutils)

dwarfdump (git clone https://github.com/davea42/libdwarf-code)

David Anderson
(author of dwarfdump and libdwarf)

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