[Dwarf-discuss] OTHER or arguably ENHANCEMENT: Logo

Michael Eager eager@eagercon.com
Thu Mar 23 14:17:24 GMT 2023

On 3/22/23 13:00, Ron Brender via Dwarf-discuss wrote:
> FWIW, the "master" in the DWARF .git distro is an .eps file not 
> .png--not that that really matters. I don't know
> where it came from other than Michael gave it to me to use. The .eps 
> does contain some Copyright lines, namely
> % Copyright (c)1992-98 Corel Corporation
> % All rights reserved.     v8.0 r0.15
> I suspect it came out of some WordPerfect sample graphics selection 
> which he tweaked for DWARF use--my speculation.

I designed and created the logo using Corel Draw.  The image of the 
little Viking came from a multi-CD digital clip art collection that I 
purchased long ago.  (The image reminded me of Grieg's "In the Hall of 
the Mountain King".)

The original is a .cdr file, which is scalable and can be used to 
generate graphics in a variety of resolutions and formats, including 
PNGs optimized for a web page, or EPS files for printing.

The copyright notice is for Corel's PostScript code in the EPS file, not 
for the entire graphic.

Michael Eager

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