[Dwarf-discuss] OTHER or arguably ENHANCEMENT: Logo

Ben Woodard woodard@redhat.com
Thu Mar 23 18:36:31 GMT 2023

V2 now with tools:


It is kind of a menu. Pick your favorite dwarf body, your favorite 
helmet, your favorite tool. Or suggest something different. Since it is 
just a draft she just just did it over the DWARF6 mockup - we can 
discuss font later.

On 3/22/23 16:53, Cary Coutant wrote:
>>> Before we can do anything with this, though, we'd need to make sure
>>> your wife is willing to put her design under a Creative Commons, or
>>> similar, license. I think Creative Commons is the right choice, as
>>> that's what we've been using for other content recently. The standard
>>> itself is Gnu FDL, but the website itself (at least more recent stuff)
>>> is CC-BY.
>> Yeah I already talked to her about that. She's totally fine with that
>> idea. She's not one who spends a lot of time worrying about the nuances
>> of various licensing terms but rather has the practical outlook of
>> someone who earns money as a creative. One of the less restrictive
>> versions of CC makes sense. She usually turns over ownership in exchange
>> for payment or considers it a work for hire but this would be a donation.
> I did a little more reading on CC and found that they do not recommend
> using a CC license for logos. I think we'd really just want the
> copyright assigned to us.

As for the license, whatever. She slapped a CC-BY-SA on it based upon 
your previous email. She doesn't have a problem transferring ownership 
to whomever/whatever but I don't think that there is a legal entity that 
can possess it and I don't feel like we want to wade into all that 
entails. It is a favor, a donation to the community.


> -cary

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