[Dwarf-discuss] Wiki list of vendor extensions.

Ben Woodard woodard@redhat.com
Fri Mar 24 20:56:04 GMT 2023

That reminds me.

Tangential to Scott's request, one of the requests from the tool 
developer community that I work with is to add a new wiki article which 
lists all the vendor extensions for the various compilers. Obviously 
this would include but not be limited to the Vendor specific DWARF 
expression operations.


On 3/24/23 13:21, Linder, Scott via Dwarf-discuss wrote:
> [AMD Official Use Only - General]
> Background
> ==========
> The vendor extension encoding space for DWARF expression operations
> accommodates only 32 unique operations. In practice, the lack of a central
> registry and a desire for backwards compatibility means vendor extensions are
> never retired, even when standard versions are accepted into DWARF proper. This
> has produced a situation where the effective encoding space available for new
> vendor extensions is miniscule today.

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