[Dwarf-discuss] Do Dwarf symbols only use ascii?

Roger Phillips heidegg@hotmail.com
Thu Nov 2 10:29:55 GMT 2023


I'm currently trying to debug a problem in the dynamorio system where the isdigit function crashes in elftoolchain while trying to parse symbols from dwarf info:


My question is whether these symbols really need the locale functionality of libc's isdigit function or if the symbols in Dwarf are just standard ascii and could be parsed in a portable way with the simple method mentioned there.

CRASH Segfault with DrMemory · Issue #6161 · DynamoRIO/dynamorio<https://github.com/DynamoRIO/dynamorio/issues/6161>
Received SIGSEGV at client library pc 0x00007f36e6555fa9 in thread 15974 Base: 0x00007f36ff0c5000 Registers:eax=0x0000000000000033 ebx=0x00007f34e72ed298 ecx=0x0000000000000050 edx=0x00000000000000...

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