[Dwarf-discuss] Question: ETA?

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Speaking only for myself: Questions about ETA seem reasonable, as the interval between v4 and v5 was 6 years 8 months, and it has already been 6 years 9 months since v5 was published. That said, the committee has never worked to a specific timeline.

There is indeed a fair amount of work left to be done by the committee, some of which has had side discussions but not yet been formally proposed. My impression (I haven’t tried to verify this) is that the committee took longer than usual to get started on this round. Also we spent a fair amount of time on organizational issues, which obviously would detract from time spent on technical issues. The “change of administration” didn’t help either. But I think we are back in the groove.

Regarding time commitment, we meet one hour every other week, which is not significantly different from the two hours per month that we met during consideration of the previous two versions. On the other hand, the committee is noticeably larger than it used to be, which can mean that discussions take longer. Perhaps we should increase the meeting time to get through the backlog more efficiently, and make up for lost time.


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I’ve asked this question personally many times directly to members of the executive committee. The overall answer seems to be “when we are done”. The thing is, there are quite a few proposals sitting in the DWARF issue queue that have yet to be discussed AT ALL in the official DWARF committee meeting and the current meeting is only one hour every other week. Plus, there are a rather large number of additional proposals which are quite extensive which are still being discussed outside of the DWARF committee meeting and haven’t yet made it to the DWARF issue queue. E.g. https://github.com/ccoutant/dwarf-locations <https://github.com/ccoutant/dwarf-locations>  which is the standardization effort for https://www.llvm.org/docs/AMDGPUDwarfExtensionsForHeterogeneousDebugging.html <https://www.llvm.org/docs/AMDGPUDwarfExtensionsForHeterogeneousDebugging.html>  I also have 3 more that I’m incubating which haven’t seen the light of day yet because of some of this other work.

Anyway, before the change in administration, it seemed like we were rushing to get DWARF6 out the door with just minor corrections and revisions. Now, it seems like DWARF6 is going to have many more significant changes in it and it is going to take a while. Personally, I’m quite glad for this because I feel as though a lot more work needs to be done. Before the change in administration, I felt DWARF6 was being rushed. I would say check in again in 6 months and see where we are then.

In the mean time, there is a https://snapshots.sourceware.org/dwarfstd/dwarf-spec/<https://snapshots.sourceware.org/dwarfstd/dwarf-spec/> which is the current working draft and keep an eye on the Issue queue.


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Is there any plan for a time to release version 6? If not a time, then a condition? Say "2025" or "some time in the next year" or "when no new proposals are accepted for three months" or "when two independent implementations are fully compliant".
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