[Dwarf-discuss] Sourceware infrastructure updates for Q4 2023

Mark Wielaard mark@klomp.org
Tue Nov 28 10:25:23 GMT 2023

Sourceware infrastructure community updates for Q4 2023

- 6 months with the Software Freedom Conservancy
- Sourceware @ Fosdem
- OSUOSL provides extra larger arm64 and x86_64 buildbot servers
- No more From rewriting for patches mailinglists

= 6 months with the Software Freedom Conservancy

Sourceware thanks Conservancy for their support and urges the
community to support Conservancy.

Sourceware has only been a Software Freedom Conservancy member project
for just 6 months. But the story started a long time ago and a lot has
happened in that time:


We hope the community will support the Software Freedom Conservancy
2023 Fundraiser and become a Conservancy Sustainer

= Sourceware @ Fosdem 

Various Sourceware projects will be present at Fosdem plus some
overseers and of course Conservancy staff.

Get your talk submissions in before end of the week (December 1st) to
these developer rooms:

Debuggers and Analysis tools
gdb, libabigail, systemtap, valgrind, binutils, elfutils, gnupoke, cgen

GCC compiler devroom
gcc, binutils, glibc, newlib

And if you like to organize an online virtual mini-BoF around some
topic or project then the @conservancy BBB server is available for all
Sourceware projects.


= OSUOSL provides extra larger arm64 and x86_64 buildbot servers

There have been complaints about overloaded builders. So OSUOSL have
provided us with another arm64 and x86_64 server. The new servers do
the larger gcc and glibc builds so the other builders can do quicker
(smaller) CI builds without having to wait on the big jobs.

This also frees up the other container builders to do more automated
jobs like the recently added autotools generated files checker for
gcc, binutils and gdb:

Please contact the builder project buildbot@sourceware.org if you want
to run some automated jobs on https://builder.sourceware.org/

= No more From rewriting for patches mailinglists

Because of dkim, strict dmarc policies and an old mailman setup
Sourceware mailinglists used From rewriting.

No more! We upgraded mailman, gave up subject prefixes, mail footers,
html stripping and reply-to mangling.

After the libc-alpha and gcc-patches mailinglist tests to avoid From
rewriting worked out nicely we enabled the same settings to some other
mailinglists. The gcc patches lists for libstdc++, libgccjit, fortran
and gcc-rust. And for those projects that use patchwork, newlib,
elfutils, libabigail and gdb.

This hopefully makes mailing patches and using git am on them a bit

Outgoing sourceware email now also includes ARC headers.
Feedback on whether this helps email delivery appreciated.

Please contact overseers if you would like the new setting for any
other Sourceware mailinglist.

Thanks to the FSF tech-team for walking us through their setup for

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