[Dwarf-discuss] Language code for the Hylo language

Cary Coutant ccoutant@gmail.com
Wed Feb 14 04:11:58 GMT 2024

> The Hylo compiler (https://hylo-lang.org) is not generating debug info yet, but it will, and we'd like it if tools like LLDB were ready for us, so I'm requesting that a new language code be added for Hylo to https://dwarfstd.org/languages-v6.html

Added as issue 240213.1:


Assigned new language code DW_LANG_Hylo = 0x0042, DW_LNAME_Hylo =
0x0028. Assuming default lower bound = 0.

No version scheme specified yet. Please let us know if you'd like to
specify a version scheme (see https://dwarfstd.org/languages-v6.html).


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