[Dwarf-discuss] Question on "pascal property"

Martin dwarf@mfriebe.de
Thu May 2 07:57:04 GMT 2024

On 01/05/2024 23:46, Adrian Prantl wrote:
> Just a quick very general remark: For Objective-C, Clang (and presumably 
> also GCC) are producing a couple of property-related attributes in the 
> DW_AT_APPLE extension space
> https://github.com/llvm/llvm-project/blob/505f6da1961ab55c601d7239648c53ce863b5d70/llvm/include/llvm/BinaryFormat/Dwarf.def#L630 <https://github.com/llvm/llvm-project/blob/505f6da1961ab55c601d7239648c53ce863b5d70/llvm/include/llvm/BinaryFormat/Dwarf.def#L630>
> maybe these are useful for you. I also wouldn't be opposed to 
> standardizing a more generally useful mechanism for properties; we could 
> potentially also find use for them in the Swift compiler.

Thanks for the link.

HANDLE_DW_AT(0x3b11, BORLAND_property_read, 0, BORLAND)
HANDLE_DW_AT(0x3b12, BORLAND_property_write, 0, BORLAND)
HANDLE_DW_AT(0x3b13, BORLAND_property_implements, 0, BORLAND)
HANDLE_DW_AT(0x3b14, BORLAND_property_index, 0, BORLAND)
HANDLE_DW_AT(0x3b15, BORLAND_property_default, 0, BORLAND)

Those are certainly matching most of what FreePascal has (same 
underlying language). I will try and find how they are implemented.

So with the APPLE extensions and this, there are probably two concurrent 
ways already.

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