[Dwarf-discuss] Proposal: Add support for "property" with getter/setter (based on Pascal properties)

Martin lists@mfriebe.de
Wed May 8 09:26:39 GMT 2024

On 08/05/2024 06:34, Cary Coutant via Dwarf-discuss wrote:
>     It will support the following new attributes
>     * DW_AT_Default_Property flag
>         Specify this is a default property
>     * DW_TAG_Property_Setter
>     * DW_TAG_Property_Reader
>     * DW_TAG_Property_Default
>     * DW_TAG_Property_Stored
>     ### `DW_TAG_Property_[Setter|Getter|...]` 
> Should these all be DW_AT_xxx?

No, they should have been a separate list "It will have the following 
new tags"

As the next big header "### `DW_TAG_Property_[Setter|Getter|...]`" 
shows, they each contain several attributes.

Maybe, it would be clearer, if they were moved into the next header, but 
then it needs to be clarified that they are children of the DW_Tag_Property.

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