[Dwarf-discuss] Question on DW_AT_low_pc for "repeated" DW_TAG_subprogram

Martin lists@mfriebe.de
Thu May 16 20:05:12 GMT 2024

On 16/05/2024 21:58, Martin via Dwarf-discuss wrote:

> If there is code (with debug info) that uses a class/struct that is 
> defined in a unit with debug info (or at least a base class is in such a 

Tiny but important mistake..., it meant to write

  uses a class/struct that is defined in a unit *WITHOUT* debug info

> unit), then IMHO the debugger should be able to show the entire 
> structure, including fields/methods from that unit without debug info. 
> (because only the type is in the other unit, but the variable itself is 
> in a unit with debug info).
> For that, the declaration of that class can be repeated. But if the user 
> then wants to call (from the debugger) a function on that (base-) class, 
> then it needs the DW_AT_low_pc?
> What is the recommended way for the producer to supply this?

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