[Dwarf-discuss] basic_block semantics

mathieu lacage Mathieu.Lacage
Wed Nov 9 12:31:45 GMT 2005


I spent a while looking at this rarely-used piece of the dw2/3 standard, 
and I have to confess that I am a bit perplexed. I would be really happy 
if someone could help me figure out answers to the following questions

1) when DW_LNS_set_basic_block is executed, should I assume that the 
current value of the address register identifies the start of a basic 
block ? Or does the basic_block property applies upon the next change 
made to the address address ?

2) are the standard opcodes really supposed to have no effect on 
basic_block other than DW_LNS_set_basic_block and DW_LNS_copy ?


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