[Dwarf-discuss] basic_block semantics

David Anderson davea
Thu Nov 10 10:20:39 GMT 2005

|mathieu lacage wrote:
|> As usual, I made a fool of myself. After much thinking, I figured out I 
|> had completely missed the basic idea behind the structure of the dwarf2 
|> line information. i.e., the fact that it is row-based and that the 
|> content of each column for each row is precisely defined.
|> I suck,
|> Mathieu

Chris.Quenelle writes
|If you had seen some of the emails in the working group related
|to the line number table, you would not feel so bad. ;-)  My own
|opinion is that the whole section needs to be rewritten.

Another crucial observation (difficult to see this, I admit)
is that everything that creates a new table row resets
the begin-basic-block flag to 'false'.  Things that don't create
a new table row don't need to touch the flag (except the 'set'

I sort of doubt much needs to be rewritten, but
I think mathieu lacage's comments suggest areas we could
clarify.  High level view issues, so to speak.

Or maybe we should encourage (or provide?) a new document
which brings these high level view things
into clear focus?    

David Anderson

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