[Dwarf-discuss] basic_block semantics

Michael Eager eager
Thu Nov 10 10:35:46 GMT 2005

David Anderson wrote:
> |mathieu lacage wrote:
> |> As usual, I made a fool of myself. After much thinking, I figured out I 
> |> had completely missed the basic idea behind the structure of the dwarf2 
> |> line information. i.e., the fact that it is row-based and that the 
> |> content of each column for each row is precisely defined.

The DWARF document, like most standards, requires some close
reading.  It's possible to get off on the wrong foot and trip

> Another crucial observation (difficult to see this, I admit)
> is that everything that creates a new table row resets
> the begin-basic-block flag to 'false'.  Things that don't create
> a new table row don't need to touch the flag (except the 'set'
> operation).    
> I sort of doubt much needs to be rewritten, but
> I think mathieu lacage's comments suggest areas we could
> clarify.  High level view issues, so to speak.
> Or maybe we should encourage (or provide?) a new document
> which brings these high level view things
> into clear focus?    

I think that this is something that would be appropriate
for a FAQ.

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