[Dwarf-discuss] Suggestion of FAQ entries

Keith Walker Keith.Walker
Fri Nov 11 02:02:58 GMT 2005

> ------------------------------------------------------------
> How many DW_TAG_compile_unit entries per Compilation Unit Header?
> Each Compilation Unit Header should be followed by exactly 
> one DW_TAG_compile_unit or one DW_TAG_partial_unit, and the 
> children of the DW_TAG_compile_unit or DW_TAG_partial_unit 
> contain Debugging Information Entries for the unit.
> A DW_TAG_compile_unit or one DW_TAG_partial_unit has no 
> sibling entries.

I think that maybe it would be worth considering removing the
DW_AT_sibling entries from the DW_TAG_compile_unit and
DW_TAG_partial_unit entries in Figure 42 "Attributes by TAG value" in
the DWARF 3.0 Spec.

I think that the fact that the DW_AT_sibling entries are listed against
these tags can give the impression to someone reading the spec. that
compile units can have sibling entries (even if else where in the spec.
it states otherwise).


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