[Dwarf-discuss] Suggestion of FAQ entries

Michael Eager eager
Fri Nov 11 09:40:07 GMT 2005

Keith Walker wrote:
>>How many DW_TAG_compile_unit entries per Compilation Unit Header?
>>Each Compilation Unit Header should be followed by exactly 
>>one DW_TAG_compile_unit or one DW_TAG_partial_unit, and the 
>>children of the DW_TAG_compile_unit or DW_TAG_partial_unit 
>>contain Debugging Information Entries for the unit.
>>A DW_TAG_compile_unit or one DW_TAG_partial_unit has no 
>>sibling entries.
> I think that maybe it would be worth considering removing the
> DW_AT_sibling entries from the DW_TAG_compile_unit and
> DW_TAG_partial_unit entries in Figure 42 "Attributes by TAG value" in
> the DWARF 3.0 Spec.
> I think that the fact that the DW_AT_sibling entries are listed against
> these tags can give the impression to someone reading the spec. that
> compile units can have sibling entries (even if else where in the spec.
> it states otherwise).

Proposals for changes in the DWARF specification should be made
using the DWARF website.

I believe that David was soliciting comments about FAQs.

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