[Dwarf-discuss] DW_AT_namelist_item and DW_AT_bit_stride

David Anderson davea42
Thu Dec 21 15:58:36 GMT 2006

Marcel Mettes wrote:
> Hello,
> Thanks for your help on understanding the piece operator. It has made 
> implementing it in the debugger easier.
> I may have found two inconsistencies within the DWARF document.
>    1. The DW_AT_namelist_item is a DIE reference according to the text,
>       yet in figure 0 of the DWARF 3-2005 document is is classified as a
>       block-class attribute. Since this is not for the C/C++ language, I
>       have no compiler that produces this.
Looks me like you've found a bug.
Page 136 is wrong, DW_AT_namelist_item is  a reference as specified on 
page 62.

>    2. The DW_AT_bit_stride attribute is specified to be one of the
>       block+constant+reference types in 2.19 of the DWARF3-2005
>       document. In figure 20 is classified to be only a constant.

I agree. Looks like another bug, exactly as you say: page 135 seems

Thanks for noticing.
David Anderson

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