[Dwarf-discuss] tag nesting question

David Anderson davea42
Thu Dec 21 16:27:05 GMT 2006

Marcel Mettes wrote:
> Hello,
> I have been wondering about the rules of nesting tags within tags. I 
> have noticed that the dwarfdump tool reports constructs like:
>    1. The GNU C++ compiler nests DW_TAG_subprogram inside
>       DW_TAG_structure_type for class member functions.
>    2. The TASKING compiler nests type TAGS like DW_TAG_base_type,
>       DW_TAG_pointer_type, DW_TAG_union_type or DW_TAG_const_type within
>       DW_TAG_structure_type when used by one of the struct's fields.
> Since the dwarfdump tool check reports these, should I worry or are 
> these constructs well within the DWARF specification?
These represent omissions from the dwarfdump
tag_tree.list  file.

In other words, dwarfdump is wrong to warn.

Since I've left SGI future modifications will be coming from me,
not SGI (it is open source and SGI knows I intend to support
dwarfdump/libdwarf and SGI has no problem with me doing this).
I'm going to build a subversion source tree to track changes, but
won't export the tree (sorry), I will just continue issuing updated source.

I'm afraid the *.list files for checking are not very up to date.
I welcome suggestions for improvement (such as the one in this note).
(Thanks Marcel). 


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