[Dwarf-discuss] New DW_LANG value request for Ada2005

Michael Eager eager
Wed Jun 21 19:16:05 GMT 2006

Joel Brobecker wrote:
> Hello,
> I would like to add a new DW_LANG value for the last revision of
> the Ada language called Ada 2005. Is this the right place to request
> this update to the dwarf standard? Or maybe should I post a "comment"
> from the "Public Comments" page?

This is as good a place as any.  :-)

The Public Comments page would be better, but it is currently
disabled because I was receiving a lot of spam from it.  I hope
that this problem will be resolved in the near future and I
can re-enable the submission form.

> What I propose is to add DW_LANG_Ada2005 with a value of 0x0014
> (seems to be the next available value).

Can you tell us (very briefly) what the differences are?
In particular, are there DWARF constructs which would be interpeted
differently depending on whether the lanugage value is DW_LANG_Ada95
or DW_LANG_Ada2005?  Are there things that a consumer (a debugger)
would do differently with this information.

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