[Dwarf-discuss] New DW_LANG value request for Ada2005

Nettleton, Brian brian.nettleton
Thu Jun 22 17:20:49 GMT 2006

I would agree with Joel, once a debugger adds the more permissive syntax
it seems ok to simply allow it for those who want it.

Plus the down side of adding the new DW_LANG value is that older
debugger versions will no longer work correctly with a new compiler.  It
seems like the tradeoff of disallowing support for the more permissive
new syntax on old Ada95 code is far outweighed by the impact when a user
upgrades the compiler and then an older debugger no longer works like it
used to.


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> > Doesn't Ada 2005 have support for an object.operation(...) 
> syntax?  Perhaps a
> > consumer would use the Ada 95 / Ada 2005 distinction to 
> determine whether or
> > not to allow that syntax.
> It's true. My personal inclination is to allow the Object.Method
> syntax even with Ada95. Our approach in the debugger has been to be
> a bit more accepting in terms of the syntax, to make it as easy as
> possible for the user to debug his application. 
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