[Dwarf-discuss] New DW_LANG value request for Ada2005

Michael Eager eager
Thu Jun 22 17:10:31 GMT 2006

Joel Brobecker wrote:
>>>What I propose is to add DW_LANG_Ada2005 with a value of 0x0014
>>>(seems to be the next available value).
>>Can you tell us (very briefly) what the differences are?
>>In particular, are there DWARF constructs which would be interpeted
>>differently depending on whether the lanugage value is DW_LANG_Ada95
>>or DW_LANG_Ada2005?  Are there things that a consumer (a debugger)
>>would do differently with this information.
> Actually, we don't know of any construct that would need to be handled
> differently based on the language version. With this simple realization
> in mind, it's probably best to hold off on the addition of Ada2005 for
> now. No need to create everyone extra work when we can still use the
> LANG_Ada95.
> I am thinking that me might want at a later date ammend the standard
> to make it explicit that LANG_Ada95 covers both Ada 95 and Ada 2005.
> We about to start enhancing our compiler to generate pure dwarf, so
> when we're done, we'll have a better idea of how viable this is.
> We have a good idea now, but it's mostly based on studies, not actual
> implementation.

That sounds good.

We realized some time ago that there were likely no differences in
how a debugger would interpret DWARF for the several variants of
the C language which are defined in the DWARF standard.  We can't
(or don't want to) remove the existing definitions, but we do want
to avoid adding new language variants unless they actually change
the interpretation of DWARF constructs.

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