[Dwarf-discuss] register name operators

Jim Blandy jimb
Wed Nov 15 19:13:26 GMT 2006

We did clarify some of the language regarding this point, but clearly
we missed a spot.

Marcel, the first paragraph of 2.6.1 ought to be saying that DWARF
register name operators must appear as a complete *simple* location
expression.  That is, the paragraph should say:

The following DWARF operations can be used to name a register. They
can be used only in
location expressions. Each register name operator is a complete simple
location expression; it cannot be combined with other DWARF expression
operators within a simple location expression.

Then, the next sections discuss simple location expressions and
composition operators.

I was surprised to see that point 3 in section 2.6.2, Simple Location
Expressions, is the first place it's actually explained that the
register name operations denote (possibly partial) values stored *in*
the register itself, rather than having its address computed using the
register's value.  This seems obscure; I think 2.6.1 should come out
and say it.  As it stands, you need to have already noticed the need
for register name operators ("hey, location expressions compute
addresses --- but what about variables that don't have addresses?") in
order to recognize that they're what you're looking for.

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