[Dwarf-discuss] register name operators

David B. Anderson davea
Wed Nov 15 17:00:41 GMT 2006

I wrote:
>DW_OP_piece, DW_OP_bit_piece are very special.
>In effect these two composition operators 'separate'
>distinct DWARF expressions.

Of course that's wrong :-(   'separate' is the wrong concept.
A composition operator 'terminates' a dwarf expression,
sort of.  

Or perhaps delineates a dwarf-expression?

Since the composition operator operates on the stack as a whole
(not some fraction)  it's not really  a block-scope terminator,
or at least not a very flexible one  (not clear to me how
a more flexible one would be meaningful so I do not see any problem
with the current definition other than the issue
Marcel Mettes brought up).

David Anderson

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