[Dwarf-Discuss] How do I detect the end of a sibling chain?

Nettleton, Brian brian.nettleton@windriver.com
Thu Nov 29 04:47:12 GMT 2007

>From Section 7.5.2 "Debugging Information Entry":

"Debugging information entries consisting of only the abbreviation code
0 are considered null entries."

It's simply a one byte entry containing a zero. 

It is somewhat awkward that the low level details of the debugging
entries are in chapter 7, but once you get used to looking there
whenever something seems to be missing it isn't too bad.

-Brian Nettleton
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The DWARF 3 Standard says that "A chain of sibling entries is terminated
by a null entry." But nowhere in the document is a "null entry" defined.

I searched the discussion history and can see that other people have had
problems similar to me, but I can see no definitive answer. I am walking
through DIEs and need to know when the next entry is a child or a
parent. It's easy to tell if the next is a child, but I can see no way
to tell if the next entry is a parent. Please note that I am not an
expert on DWARF and so any terminology you give may be obvious to you
but not to me. I have only the written Standard document to go by and
not years of experience with this stuff.


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