[Dwarf-Discuss] name lookup w/ using directives

John DelSignore jdelsign@totalviewtech.com
Fri Aug 22 19:19:15 GMT 2008

Kendrick Wong wrote:
> Michael wrote:
>> Inlining from Fortran into C++ clearly isn't going to be based on the
>> source.  Given the differences in how Fortran and C++ pass parameters,
>> I'm unclear how parameter binding might occur.  What do you do with
>> C++ references or Fortran value returns.
> Taking a simpler case, where there is no parameter on the function call:
>  a C++ function has inlined a Fortran function.  In the debug
> information, data structures used by both functions are brought together
> into a single compilation unit.  The compilation unit is now made up of
> two different languages.

Wait a tick... How the heck can that happen? It implies that a single compilation unit can contain multiple languages, which I though was not possible.

What is bringing things together? Do you have a compiler that is capable of compiling multiple languages in the same compilation unit? Or do you have a smart linker that is capable of inlining functions at link time? IIRC, the AIX linker could do this with C++ code, and it got it right most of the time.

Cheers, John D.

>  Since the name-lookup semantics for
> DW_TAG_imported_module is different depending on the language, debugger
> needs a way to differentiate between the two types.  (The language
> attribute on the CU doesn't help in this case).
> I guess an easy way to solve this problem is to add an DW_AT_language
> attribute to the TAG.  (And if the language attribute is missing, then
> use the CU language attribute).
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