[Dwarf-Discuss] dwarf_siblingof() failure

David Anderson davea42@earthlink.net
Mon Sep 15 21:44:35 GMT 2008

Ron Louzon wrote:
> I am using version 8/18/2008 of the DWARF library.  My object file is generated from a GNU compiler and it is in DWARF 2 format.
> The DWARF Library correctly finds all of the compilation unit DIEs in my object file.  It also correctly finds the first child DIE under each compilation unit.  There is a problem when I try to get the siblings of any of those child DIEs.  I am using the dwarf_siblingof() call to retrieve the sibling and this call always fails with DW_DLE_NEXT_DIE_PTR_NULL.
> Is there another way to get the next sibling of a DIE?  Why does this call fail?  I have successfully used this with object files generated by Mercury compilers but something is different with this GNU output.
> I really do not know how to get around this problem.  Help!
The DWARF committee does not support any particular
software or any DWARF implementation.

I do support libdwarf.  

An earlier version (than the one you mention) showed that error
when there were 'too many' abbreviations in one compile unit.
But that was fixed before the libdwarf-20080818.tar.gz release.

Contact me off-list.   Try running dwarfdump -i on
the object file.   Let me know what happens.
David Anderson

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