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Kendrick Wong kendrick@ca.ibm.com
Mon Aug 31 14:07:25 GMT 2009

>>> Should the name in DW_AT_instantiated_name be normalized?
>>> i.e.  A<std :: vector>
>>> There could be space characters in the within the name "std::vector", 
>>> it necessary to enforce a 'no-space' rule in the name?
>> Is there any reason why that attribute would not follow the same rules 
>> DW_AT_name ?
> Well, DW_AT_name is unqualified.  But I would expect a qualified 
> DW_AT_instantiated_name to look like a qualified name in 

The DWARF spec does not say anything about normalizing the fully qualified 
names in .debug_pubnames:
"In the case of the name of a function member or static data member of a 
C++ structure, class or union, the name presented in the .debug_pubnames 
section is not the simple name given by the DW_AT_name attribute of the 
referenced debugging information entry, but rather the fully qualified 
name of the data or function member. "
My first thought is to add the 'no-space' rule for the qualified name, but 
I do realize that there are some C++ names that requires the additional 
space. (i.e. std::vector<std::list<int> >) [This space is no longer 
required in C++0x].  Perhaps the rules should be: "In the case the 
qualified name has multiple spellings, the one with the shortest spelling 
should be used."  Any thoughts?

Kendrick Wong
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