[Dwarf-Discuss] DW_FORM_data1 and DW_AT_const_value

Michael Eager eager@eagercon.com
Wed Jul 28 15:06:05 GMT 2010

Tom Tromey wrote:
>>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Eager <eager at eagercon.com> writes:
> Tom> It appears that GCC has worked this way for quite a while, so my
> Tom> inclination is to change GDB to match.  However, at the very least it
> Tom> would be good to see a clarification in the spec.
> Michael> I'm not sure what that clarification would be.
> Merely mentioning that the use we are discussing is unspecified would be
> an improvement.  It is not clear -- not to me anyway -- from the spec
> that this was meant to be unspecified.
> Alternatively, choosing an interpretation would also be good.  I don't
> see much value in leaving this unspecified, whereas picking a
> specification would provide some benefits.

Can you add an issue on the website? http://dwarfstd.org/Issues.php

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