[Dwarf-Discuss] security implications of DWARF info

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Wed Nov 24 01:32:24 GMT 2010

Hey all,

Suppose you were a commercial software company and a big target for

Suppose also that you were wanting to release some amount of
information so that third parties could classify crash dumps and
figure out if something is a new issue or not, between different
builds and versions.

What are the possible solutions?

1) Give out full DWARF info.
   I know that it gives symbol names &c, but is there other info that
   would pose a security risk?  I'm guessing so.  Will read full spec
   in good time, I suppose.

2) Give out obfuscated symbol names.
   How can you do this?  I'm mostly interested in munging human-readable
   names into meaningless ones (e.g. function2501) in .dSYM files.
   Can't find any tools for doing this easily.

   When doing this, how would I strip out all but what is necessary
   for symbolicating crash dumps?

3) Other options?
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