[Dwarf-Discuss] Any real products that do...

David Earlam David.Earlam@csr.com
Fri Oct 21 15:26:15 GMT 2011

> >     Are there any existing DWARF-based tool chains (compiler and
> > debugger) that use column information to do, say, highlight the
> > fragments of a for statement as execution advances?

xRay, ASPEX and RealView Debugger would draw a box around column delimited statements in a single line and ARM's RealView Compilation Tools 3 and 4
compilers produce column information to let it do so.

The bottom line of that box covered any descenders (like g or _) in the source view, which was annoying. However, not only did you see the increment separately from the tests in one-line 'for', I seem to recall you could know exactly which of several clauses made a complex 'while' loop -with multiple short circuiting tests- terminate, because as you stepped the box surrounded each observable test 'sequence point'. I can't recall if ARM ever sorted out multi-statement line breakpoints before moving to Eclipse. 


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