[Dwarf-Discuss] DwarfExtensions

Mark Wielaard mjw@redhat.com
Thu Jul 26 10:11:13 GMT 2012


For the elfutils project (https://fedorahosted.org/elfutils/), which
includes libdw a DWARF consumer library used by programs like perf,
systemtap and the dwarves tools, I wrote up a wiki page with all the
DWARF extensions known to the library:


elfutils is mainly focused on supporting the GNU toolchain, so the list
is somewhat GNU specific, but does contain extensions from other
"vendors" adopted by GNU.

I tried to include links to all the descriptions that I could find,
which producer generates them and/or whether the extension has been
proposed for DWARF5. But there are still a lot of unknowns. Do others
have similar overviews for extensions DWARF producers generate and/or
consumers recognize? Or just links to descriptions of the extensions
currently listed as "unknown"?



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