[Dwarf-Discuss] C++ implicit inline member function

Swarup Sahoo me.swar@gmail.com
Tue Nov 11 10:03:36 GMT 2014

I have observed that implicit inline member functions info is not getting
captured in .debug_info section. Usually explicitly declared inlined
function info is getting captured. But implicit inline member functions,
though they are getting inlined in the executable, but no
DW_TAG_inlined_subroutine entry is stored for these functions. Is this
compiler (GCC) side limitation or DWARF standard limitation?

I tried with the following setup:

Compiler: G++/GCC 4.8.2, Clang++/LLVM 3.4

DWARF version: 4

Sample program:

class test
        // some private members

        // this is an implicit inline member function
        void small_func()
            // do some operation

        void big_func();

void test::big_func()
    // call small_func()

int main()
    test t1 ;
    return 0;

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