[Dwarf-Discuss] C++14 and C++03 (vs C++98)

Mark Wielaard mjw@redhat.com
Wed Nov 26 14:00:07 GMT 2014

On Wed, 2014-11-26 at 13:22 +0000, Daniel Gutson wrote:
> What about new C++11 keywords? Would a debugger cli interpreter be
> helped by this datum in case the user enters some of these keywords?

Yes, that is the intention. If there are different language variants
that have different keywords or when certain DWARF constructs can be
interpreted differently depending on the version used in the source. For
C++11 there certainly is a usage.

But C++03 does not change the language in any way from C++98 represented
by DW_LANG_c_plus_plus. It really isn't a different language variant,
just some library extensions (and the library will be described by
existing DWARF constructs already). So the question is whether the
proposed DW_LANG_c_plus_plus_03 constant is actually needed, and if
adopted by DWARFv5, how a producer and consumer need to interpret it.



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