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On 03/23/15 08:48, DWARF Comment wrote:
> Subject:  DWARF5
> Section:  , Page:
> It seems that version 5 of the DWARF standard is now being used in at leat two open source/GNU type implementations, namely LLVM and GCC. This indicates that this version has been finalised: indeed from the current "open" issues page work is progressing to version 6.
> Does this imply that version 5 is complete?
> When will a draft be made available on the download page?

DWARF Version 5 is currently being reviewed and edited
by the DWARF Committee.  A public comment draft will be
published in 2-3 months, followed by a final version of
the DWARF Version 5 Standard a couple months later.

Some projects, like GCC or LLVM, may implement DWARF
extensions as a proof-of-concept before submitting
a proposal to the committee, or may implement adopted
proposals prospectively, with the understanding that the
DWARF Version 5 Standard is not yet finalized.  Certain
proposals have been been deferred to the DWARF Version 6;
they are not currently being reviewed and no work is
being done on DWARF Version 6.

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