[Dwarf-Discuss] Read an .axf file on windows with LibDwarf

Ane ane.echeverria@ikusi.com
Wed May 18 12:37:48 GMT 2016

Tom Seddon <dwarf-discuss at ...> writes:

>     You could try MSYS2 or cygwin for building autotools stuff on
>     Windows. I don't know how easy it would be to interact with 
>     from .NET directly - possibly not very. But at a pinch maybe you
>     could use dwarfdump, capture its output using the Process class, 
>     extract the data of interest from C#.
>     I've previously had success doing this sort of thing using MSYS2's
>     predecessor, MSYS. (I used it to build a set of GNU binutils that
>     supported PowerPC as well as x86.) But I believe MSYS2 and cygwin
>     work slightly differently from MSYS, and it's possible that could
>     make a difference.
>     Regards,--Tom Seddon
>     On 16/05/2016 08:43, Ane wrote:
>       Hello,
> I've seen a lot of webpages to have an idea of what the libdwarf 
> can do, but I can't find the way to compile it in windows. The reason 
> do this, is that I want to read and understand an .axf file in my C# 
> program that I'm developing in Visual Studio 10 in Windows (I can use 
> too). I don't need to debug anything, I only want read an .axf file, 
so if 
> there is a way to do this, please I want to know it, and how to do it.
> Thank you,
> Ane.
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I've read on webpages that some people could compile libdwarf with 
visual studio, but I couldn't find how they do it. I've tried almost 
everything, also I tried to compile the library on visual studio with 
mingw's make but it doesn't compile correctly.
I think my last option is to read the .axf file through readelf 
(binutils) as an .exe and get the output to handle it on the C# program. 
I would like not to need more programs to do this, because the C# 
program can be developed on multiple computers. 

Otherwise, if someone knows how to get what in the following webpage is 


Thanks for the help,

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