[Dwarf-Discuss] split dwarf, dwo, package files

David Anderson davea42@linuxmail.org
Wed Jul 24 18:06:35 GMT 2019

I've noticed that the documentation of split dwarf and the various CU header
unit codes has a possible deficiency.

For example, in sections F.2 and F.3 (examples, not the standard, but
easier to
understand my remark in this context),? It has various mentions of
signatures and has short compilation unit examples.

No? examples in F.2 F.3? show the corresponding compllation-unit header
unit_type.?? Which leaves open the question of what the compilation-unit
header unit_type is in the examples.

There are relevant explanations where in Section 7 (search for unit_type)
but I do wish the examples showed unit_type.

I'm trying to determine the extent to which libdwarf is correct, and where
wrong or incomplete I intend to fix it.?

David Anderson

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